Are you a Piece-Maker?

If you have made, designed or found something truly fabulous that you want to sell on-line without the kerfuffle or expense of creating your own e-commerce website, then we want to hear from you. Please e-mail, with the product pictures you would use on stall, details of what you have to sell, where/how/why it is made, where else you are currently selling and anything else you think we should know about you.  We give each application the consideration it deserves and will be back in touch with you within three working days.

If you wish to apply for a space at one of our Saturday morning markets, please go here.

I'm often asked what criteria our stall-holders have to meet. It's a tricky question because really, what we are looking for is a certain "je ne sais quoi" that is virtually impossible to pin down.

We are interested in high-quality products that are a little bit unique and not widely available elsewhere. We support small businesses and individuals who produce their goods locally, by hand or practice other ethical design, manufacturing and trade principles. Kiwi Made is strongly endorsed but we also support ethical trading with developing nations. We don't allow any mass-produced or plastic goods at all (unless cleverly recycled). Above all we have to think that what you do is beautiful and perhaps a little bit unusual.

We understand that small independent operators do not have large margins. To set up a stall, you will pay a one off set-up fee of $40, (which includes a beautiful packaging kit worth $30!).  and thereafter there is a monthly stall fee of $30 and that is it, regardless of how many items you choose to sell at what price. 

Alternatively, you can ask us to sell your goods for you. If we like them enough we will do this for a percentage of the sale price. Email for more info.