We are not out to conquer the world, just make it a little more beautiful.

Piece-Makers is an online space where you will find a small range of truly beautiful products that we have found around the world and in New Zealand, things that are a little bit special and not everywhere else on the world-wide-web.

All the goods we sell are things we truly love and want to live with.  We have deliberately kept our range small and each of our products has been carefully selected so that the beauty and quality of the items is consistent throughout the site.

Who is Maggie?  

It is Maggie's picture you see at the top there. She is our muse and inspiration. Maggie can not be constrained by time or space. She can be reporting back to you from a design fair in Milan while simultaneously rescuing orphaned lambs on a farm in Hawke's Bay. She is all about true beauty, the kind that comes from within as well as from without. Piece-Makers has been borne out of Maggie's endless yearning to make the world more beautiful.

Who are we?

Fiona Hosford (Founder/Director), wife, mother, maker, sometimes interior stylist, coffee addict and lover of all things beautiful. Former owner and director of  mid century design store Piece Ltd and founder of The Craft & Design Market in Havelock North, also stall-holder at Piece Ltd, Washi Shop and The Candle Maker. 

Aaron Hosford (Founder/Director), husband, father, graphic designer, sounding board and tolerator. Founder of Font Design Studio Ltd.

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